2-Component Vario Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling

The Bulk Materials are feed from 200-litre (55 gallon) Drum Configuration Grunfeld HDE0200 Presses.

To the Precision Servo Driven Metering Units, which dose the selected volumes repeatably and accurately.

The Ratio, Fill Volumes, and Filling Speeds are set via the Touchscreen, and are saved to Recipes for quick and easy recall.

Minimal mechanical change parts, greatly reduce set-up times, when moving between different cartridge types/sizes.

And minimal wettable (fluid contact) parts, makes cleaning quick and easy, when moving between different (incompatible) products/formulas.

All wettable parts and seal specification are selected specific to your formulated chemistry.

The optional Powered Filling Head greatly increases the operator efficiency – because the operator can insert the pistons into the previously filled cartridge, whilst the next cartridge fills automatically. The output of the Metering Units and the travel speed of the Filling Head are automatically synchronised to ensure consistent, void-free and perfectly filled cartridges.


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