About Us

We are dedicated to providing adhesive manufacturers and adhesive users with the very best cartridge filling and adhesive dispense solutions. We have over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of cartridge filling and adhesive application systems. Combined with an in-depth understanding of adhesive chemistries and rheological behaviours.

Working with leading adhesive manufacturers has led us to improve adhesive cartridge filling and packaging systems and improve application design for many of their customers (adhesive users). The benefits include, reduced down-time and system maintenance, increased outputs and significant quality improvements.

Many customers, in many sectors, have benefited from our expertise – adhesive and sealant manufacturing, composites manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, coach and bus manufacturing, rail rolling stock manufacturing, off-site construction, and many more industries.


To be the chosen supplier for adhesive, sealant filling and application systems. Based on Quality, Reliability and Performance.

These three key attributes of Quality, Reliability and Performance are central to any product we produce. Countless hours are spent on the inception and design of each one of our products to ensure that they meet customers’ needs excellently.