Specialising in the design and manufacture of filling & application systems. Engineering innovation and extensive knowledge of the industry sets us apart.

Many years of experience in the adhesives and sealant industry enables us to offer the best solutions to adhesive manufacturers and OEMs in many industrial engineering sectors.

Our Solutions

variable ratio, variable cartridge size 2 component filling machine

Cartridge Filling Systems

We have been involved with filling and packaging of adhesives since 1998. Specifying, designing and manufacturing filling systems for a large range of adhesives, filler and sealant products.

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Automated Adhesive Dispense

Automated Dispense Systems for flat and 3D panel laminations, bonding SIPs, composite panels – X-Y Axis gluing lines and full robotic applications.

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portable adhesive and resin metering machine


High precision volumetric metering of 2-component adhesives, sealants, and resins. Systems for fixed and variable ratio. Static and dynamic mix applications. Manual handguns and robot mounted automatic dispense guns.

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Transfer Pumps & Drum/Pail Pumps for Bulk Dispense

Whether you need to supply adhesive to your high speed automated dispense line or to supply adhesive resin and hardener components to cartridge filling lines, reliable drum pumps are of key importance. Find out more

Application Accessories

The Grunfeld Spreader Head applicator is an efficient tool for adhesive coverage over large areas.

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Great level of service! Provided all the technical expertise and training we needed to get our dispense system up and running.


GP50-S Semi-Automatic Piston Insertion System

Check out our latest video, the Grunfeld GP50-S Semi-Automation Piston Insertion System in operation.


The Grunfeld GP50-S is a semi-automatic piston insertion system. This system has been designed to allow operators to bung cartridges with ease. The system is available for cartridge sizes from 10ml to 1500ml with any ratio.

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entrapped air in a liquid

Adhesive Dispense Issues : Entrapped Air, and what you can do to avoid it!


Entrapped air in 2 -component adhesives and casting resins can create multiple problems for the user.

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mix nozzle 2K adhesive dispense_Grunfeld

Nozzles play a key role in adhesive dispense. Here’s why.


When it comes to nozzles for adhesive dispense there is a huge range of different types available. And each type has its own unique function.


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automated adhesive dispense system grunfeld fluid dynamics ltd

If quality is important to you, here’s 3 reasons you should consider automating your adhesive dispense processes.


1. Increase efficiency, accuracy, profitability and MOST importantly: consistency with high speed maximum throughput systems.

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