200 LITRE Bulk Dispense Pumps

For high speed manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bulk dispensing of adhesives and sealants. The BSA0200 Drum Pump System from Grunfeld will deliver adhesives and sealant to production lines with efficiency and reliability pumping from UN1A2 – 200L Steel Loose Head Drums

  • Range of pump options, selected for chemical composition compatibility, material rheology, required flow rates and dispense distances.
  • Range of follower plate options including stainless steel, Teflon coated, heated for warm dispense, different seal configurations, etc.
  • Options include stainless steel wettable parts and PTFE Seals for more aggressive chemical constituents such as Methlymethacrylates.
  • Teflon lined hoses can be specified for use with moisture curing adhesives and sealants. See our website section on Delivery Hoses
  • Drum Loading Roller tracks are available as an option to facilitate safe drum handling.
  • Range of extrusion guns available, both manually operated and fully automated dispense heads for robotic mounting.
  • Low maintenance for reliable production line integration.




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