Flexible Packaging

With an increasing drive to reduce the volume of waste packaging, flexible packaging options are becoming ever more attractive, and there are some different flexible packaging formats to consider:

Tubes: this is one of the oldest forms of flexible packaging (toothpaste has been packaged in tubes since the 1890s), and the test of time has proven it a very effective packaging format.

Foil packs (sausages): man has been making sausage for hundreds of years, but automatic foil packing equipment (form, fill, and seal) is a relatively modern thing (first patented in the 1930s) and is one of the most effective ways to package higher viscosity materials (Pastes).

Pouches: can be formed into various shapes and sizes, with different folds, pleats, and welds. Some common Pouch designs are Three-sided, Stand-up, Block-bottom, and Quad-seal. Pouring spouts, screw caps, and resealing features are formed into the pouches for certain applications. Pouches typically lend themselves to lower-viscosity (pourable) liquids.

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