Bottle Filling

Starting from the beginning… The process of unscrambling/sorting, orienting, and feeding bottles varies in complexity depending on the bottle shape and size, and the number of bottle variants to be fed (and how similar or different the variants are).

We have experience in filling a vast range of chemistries and viscosities, in a broad range of dose sizes. Some applications require particular standards to be met, for example, hygiene and the ability to quickly knock down and clean fluid contact (wettable) parts.

Like the bottles – the sorting, feeding, and attachment of the closures varies in complexity depending on the shape and size of the closure. Our experience ranges from simple and straightforward caps to complex and awkward pump tops, applicator buds, and nozzles.

Once the bottles are filled and the closures attached – there are several end-of-line options: automatic labeling, automatic case packing, and palletizing.

We can provide individual parts of the process or complete filling lines that automate the whole process.

Often there is demand for different variants to be filled on the same line, we design the systems to minimize the changeover times – wherever possible parameters are set on the controls (Touchscreen) rather than with physical change parts.

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