Why does pump specification matter when it comes to operator safety?


Safety of the operators should be the number one consideration for any business. The implications of unsafe places of work can be massive, ranging from huge fines imposed by HSE, to court cases and legal fees, to bad publicity, the list could go on and on. It is a key consideration for all businesses to ensure that all equipment is correctly designed and that safe working practises are adopted for every process.

Adhesive pump systems are no exception. The many moving parts and significant pressures that they create during operation pose a workplace hazard if the correct safety measures are not in place.


All Grunfeld pumps come fitted with certain safety features as standard.

The simple to use graphical interface means that the controls are non-language specific. So regardless of language or nationality, the pump interface is simple to understand. This removes any potential issues around pump misuse due to operators not understanding instructions.


Every single pump in the BSA Range comes with two emergency stop buttons. One either side of the interface. These will cut the air supply to all pneumatic circuits stopping operation immediately. This ensures that if anything should happen during pump operation or drum changes it is very easy to stop the running of the machine.


All pumps are fitted with one of our unique drum clamping systems, to ensure that the drum remains firmly in place throughout its usage. All standard pumps are fitted with clamping toggles. We also have a pneumatic drum clamping option which can be specified. This further increases operator safety as once the drum is in place, at the flick of a switch the drum is centred and clamped.


Another vital safety feature that is unique to the BSA Range of pumps is that all lift rams are fitted with piloted check valves. This means that in the event of a loss of air pressure, the pneumatic rams will remain in position. If this safety feature was not there, and in the event of a loss of air pressure, the rams would not support the pump in an up position and it would come down. This could result in entrapment of the operator.


Ensure that your operators are protected from potential harm with an adhesive dispense system that is built with their safety in mind.


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