Want to automate your adhesive dispense process? Here’s some questions you will need to answer…


Getting it right in the design stages is essential. This involves understanding what your requirements are. We work closely with adhesive manufacturers and their customers to ensure compatibility between the adhesive and the pump system.

There are several questions that need answering.


What is the adhesive being applied?

Is the adhesive 1-component or 2-component? What is its chemistry and what is the viscosity of the adhesive?


If it is a 2-component adhesive, what is the mix ratio?


How is it currently being applied?


What is the current throughput and what is the desired throughput increase?


What is the packaging format of the adhesive or sealant?

Drums, Foil Packs or Cartridges?


How many points of application are required?


What are the substrates being bonded?


Are there any surface pre-treatments required prior to bonding?


If a pump system is currently being used, what is the distance from pump location to application point?

Both horizontal and vertical distances.


These are just a few of the questions that our sales engineers will ask to ensure we fully understand your requirements and provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.


Increase throughput and production efficiency for your business by automating your adhesive application process. Contact us today and begin your automation journey!