What if… spreading adhesive over a large surface area… could be easy!


With the Grunfeld Spreader Head, adhesive application can be as easy as tying your shoelaces, or making your morning coffee.


Know what it’s like to spend hours trowelling flooring adhesive? Getting the adhesive over tools, hands and clothing.

And have you ever wished for an easier way of doing this?

Well, now your search for an easy way to spread flooring adhesive may well be over! Because we have a solution!


If you’ve been looking for a tool to spread adhesive evenly over a large surface area, then we’d like to suggest that the Grunfeld Spreader Head will fit the bill! Some of the benefits offered by the spreader head are as follows:

  • Low cost and disposable, once the job is finished simply discard the used spreader. No laborious cleaning of small parts involved!
  • Perfectly spread adhesive; resulting in great bond strength and consistency.
  • It also fits all standard 600ml foil pack applicators, so you can use the tools you already have.
  • The self-piercing nozzle adaptor further increases the ease of operation as there is no need to snip foil packs open.
Spreader head being used in a cladding application

And what’s more… working with leading adhesive manufacturers we’ve come up with a further solution for the application of flooring adhesives. Traditional methods of applying the adhesive involve a lot of bending, stretching and kneeling. Cut all of these out of your application process with the new 1.3m long pneumatic applicator from Grunfeld.


The 1.3m length means there’s no need to bend down to apply adhesive, and as it is designed to take adhesive packs of 1metre length and more, there’s less foil pack changes needed. Meaning that you can complete jobs faster and more efficiently!


The barrel is the same width as a traditional foil pack applicator meaning it is fairly straightforward for your adhesive manufacturer to produce long length foil packs.


When these two products are used in conjunction, it makes adhesive application over a large surface area an extremely simple process.


Interested in simplifying your adhesive dispense process? Get in touch with us today for pricing.