Why output matters when choosing a pump for underbody sealant spray applications.


Choosing the right pump and application equipment is important for any application. This is especially true of underbody sealant spray applications.


There are the beginnings of a transition away from traditional waxoil based underbody sealers to through-curing flexible polymer coatings that form a permanent and very tough elastic coating.

One of the issues of waxoil type sealants is that they embrittle in very low temperature conditions. The combination of a hard, brittle wax oil coating in sub zero temperatures and road salt/grit impact will result in the stripping of the waxoil protective coating in a very short time period.

Flexible polymer-based coatings permanently cure and will withstand very low temperatures without losing their flexibility.


To pump a polymer based underbody sealant requires specialist knowledge. That said with the correct equipment it becomes a very straightforward process.


Many manufacturers of pumping and spray equipment are limited to a knowledge of paints and waxoil based sealants. Whilst the pumps and equipment may work, they have not been designed with the rheology of a polymer in mind. Pump seals and packings must be correctly selected and correct hose constructions and spray guns specified.


The Grunfeld range of pumps have been specifically designed for maximum performance when pumping MS Polymer based sealants and adhesives


To be able to effectively spray higher viscosity coating products such as an MS Polymer protection coating, there must be a pump pressure of around 400 bar. The BSA range of pumps offer a flow rate of 23LPM (litres per minue) at this pressure. Many other comparable systems offer similar pressure rates, but flow rates of around 14LPM. Whilst other systems may do the job, if you are looking to increase throughput, the BSA Range could be just what you are looking for!


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