GP50-S Semi-Automatic Piston Insertion System

Check out our latest video, the Grunfeld GP50-S Semi-Automation Piston Insertion System in operation.


The Grunfeld GP50-S is a semi-automatic piston insertion system. This system has been designed to allow operators to bung cartridges with ease. The system is available for cartridge sizes from 10ml to 1500ml with any ratio.

The GP50-S is ideal for medium and high-volume filling operations and makes the correct insertion of valved pistons into 2-component cartridges simple and reliable. Pneumatically controlled the GP50 Series of semi-automatic Piston Insertion Presses are robust and reliable, effectively closing and sealing valved pistons.

CE marked with liquid splash guards to shield the operator from accidental liquid discharge, with 2 handed operation to prevent accidental closure when loading pistons.

Grunfeld also manufactures a full range of fully automatic, Rotary Indexing Filling Systems with completely automatic handling of cartridge bodies and pistons, automated inspection systems with optional hot foil sealing and labelling available.