Looking for a dual-purpose manual applicator?


Something that doesn’t cost the earth, and takes seconds to switch from application to application?


When it comes to manual applicators for cartridges and foils there are many options on the market. Options not only when it comes to price, but also quality and functionality. Manual applicators range from “almost disposable” skeleton guns, right through to highly sophisticated 2 component applicators.

Most manual applicators are designed for one purpose only. As they are generally lower in cost that some of their battery and pneumatic relatives, companies are more prepared to invest in a range of different applicators to do the jobs required.


Applicators for 1 component adhesives are a classic example of having one applicator per pack size of adhesive. Cartridges are generally dispensed from a standard skeleton gun and the majority of manual foil pack applicators available on the market are designed for foil packs and foil packs only.


There are some dual use applicators on the market that are compatible with cartridge and foil packs. However these have limited functionality due to the time it takes to change the plunger. By the time you’ve reached for a spanner, undone the nut, removed the plunger, fitted it back together again, it would have been quicker to grab a skeleton gun and load it.

We have a solution to this common issue. The patented quick release plunger of MN1-600 makes the process of switching from foil pack to cartridge application a two second process! So you can have one applicator in place of two and still maintain your efficiency!


This applicator is high quality and heavy duty and designed with the operator in mind. The powerful 18:1 trigger ratio makes light work of even high-viscosity materials. With an aluminium rotating barrel and aluminium alloy epoxy coated handle including an integrated sachet opening tool. Useful ladder hook pull handle makes storage a dream.


And best of all… this applicator is available for bespoke branding! For a small additional cost and no MOQ you can have the barrel laser etched with your company logo! Watch our product video below.


MN1-600: Quality, reliability, performance.