Language barriers causing you problems when it comes to machine operation?


In today’s world where international trade and migration of labour is the norm, language barriers become more and more of a challenge for business owners and managers.

Same goes for machinery. Complicated dials and control panels supplied with incorrectly translated instruction manuals, is the cause of many workplace issues. Machinery misfunctions, production lines stopped, suppliers refusing support because of mishandling, the list goes on.


Wouldn’t it be so nice if, instead of complicated dials and a manual to decipher what they mean, there was only a simple graphic interface. No long wordy manual to read through to work out how to turn the machinery on and get it to function.


We’ve worked with manufactures across many industries to develop and refine our machine interfaces so that regardless of language or nationality the equipment is easy to use. Intuitive graphics and simple switch controls ensure ease of operation. And what’s more, we’re continually working on our bank of training videos to make it even easier for you to use our equipment.


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