automated adhesive dispense system grunfeld fluid dynamics ltd

If quality is important to you, here’s 3 reasons you should consider automating your adhesive dispense processes.


1. Increase efficiency, accuracy, profitability and MOST importantly: consistency with high speed maximum throughput systems.

Relevant automation will without question, have a positive impact on your bottom line. Automation in itself, will not necessarily improve throughput, but where automation removes a constraint then throughput will be increased.


Perhaps most importantly, automation allows for very high levels of consistency to be achieved, by having total control of all your variables and managing them, processes can be undertaken with perfect repeatability over many thousands of cycles.


Product consistency is one of the key factors that contribute to consumer satisfaction. How many times has your experience been marred by an inconsistent product?


“Variability or inconsistency is evil, get rid of the evil”

Jack Welch, former CEO General Electric

2. Ensure a consistent product time and time again with high resolution photoelectric sensors for precision adhesive placement.


High resolution photoelectric sensors and devices are really the ‘eyes’ of our systems, determining when parts enter the gluing area and when they leave.


These are often high precision laser devices to ensure maximum accuracy and highest speeds of operation. We also use devices and sensors capable of accurately measuring the sizes of components to determine the paths travelled by the gluing heads. So that the same line can be used for multiple products and configurations without the need for time consuming product changeovers. Our systems will intelligently work out where the adhesive needs to be placed without the need for human interference.


We work with many manufacturers of photo optical devices and we do have our preferred choices – borne out by our experience over many years, in many production environments.


Precision adhesive placement is key to achieving a quality product, so that the right amount of adhesive is applied in the right place at the right time. “Our main objective is to build automatic dispensing systems that apply the right amount adhesive or sealant in exactly the right place, every time and quickly.”


3. Increase the quality of your products…

Mostly we all appreciate a quality product, think of that pair of shoes that fitted perfectly the first time you wore them… 5 years later they are still as good as new! People will pay more for a quality product.


Why spoil a brilliant design with poor manufacturing process control? Of course, the adhesive or sealant must be the right product for your substrates and joint design, but all too often the issue is with the way the product has been applied, process steps missed out to ‘save’ time.


Or, how many times do bonded parts fail, because the operator applied the adhesive, went for a break and ‘got diverted’ on his return, assembling the parts some 15 minutes later than they should have been?


Automation takes the guess work out of your process and gives you the peace of mind that your products have been assembled correctly.


If this is something you’re looking to implement in your production processes, give us a call today!