How can you cut costs by effective adhesive dispense?


With the piece of dispense equipment you’ve all been longing for… 

Goals for many companies across many different sectors are similar. Whether it be to make 20% increase on last year’s profit, to give something back to a local community, to be the best in a certain industry or sector, or simply to reduce waste and cut costs.

Here at Grunfeld we know how important these goals are to you so that’s why we’ve come up with an ingenious way to help you as a manufacturer to cut costs and increase efficiency. Meet the Grunfeld Spreader Head!  Available in 2 sizes, 298mm and 148mm, it is excellent for even coverage of adhesive over large surface areas.

The spreader head simply fits onto a standard foil pack and drops into any foil pack applicator for perfect, even dispense of adhesive. Ideal for ensuring an even spread of adhesive over a larger surface area. Potential applications include; cladding and flooring, bonding of side raves and cappings and so on. Once the application of adhesive is complete, simply throw out the used spreader head, no laborious cleaning down of tiny parts, saving you valuable time and increasing throughput.


Retailing at £3.28 per unit it is easy to see the cost savings that you could benefit from. Not only does this save time and effort on the part of the operators it also guarantees that your products have the perfect amount of adhesive as by using the spreader head it ensures even distribution.

The Grunfeld Spreader Head can also be configured to integrate with many automatic dispense lines, just get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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