How can effective adhesive dispense save you time and money?


If you could make just one part of your production line more effective what effect could that have on your overall efficiency?


If you could find a way to make your products move down the production line faster what impact would this have on your bottom line?


What effect could streamlining processes have on the build time of your products?

Many manufacturers across a broad range of industries have already made the move across to bonded components. Take the truck body building industry as an example. Traditionally (from 1950’s onward) vehicles were manufactured using rivets and mechanical fasteners. Since the early 2000’s innovators within that market have been using adhesives to increase the efficiency of their production lines.


There are many testimonials to the fact that making the switch to adhesives can increase your production efficiencies. For example, a manufacturer in the truck body industry who decreased their production time from 48 hours to 6!


Most companies have now woken up to this revolution and use adhesives as an integral part of their production. However, it is possible to make production processes even more efficient.


By automating the adhesive dispense process it is possible to significantly reduce production times. Time-consuming manual processes such as replenishing cartridges or foil packs can be stripped out of your processes by using a drum pump system.


Further efficiencies can be gained by use of specialist nozzles. By using the right nozzle in your application means that exactly the right amount of adhesive will be dispensed, saving time, both the time it takes to remove excess or the extra time the excess takes to cure.


The Grunfeld Adhesive Spreader head is a revolutionary product. Ensuring a perfectly even spread of adhesive across a large surface area. Ideal for flooring or cladding applications. Imagine removing the laborious task of adhesive spreading from your process and replacing it with a simple dispense process.


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