Bonding versus rivets in vehicle manufacture


All OEMs in the transportation industry are looking to improve the appearance, durability and productivity of their vehicles.

Making the switch from riveted constructions to bonded constructions results in weight reduction, fuel savings, increased speed and ultimately increased productivity.

For many years the riveted body has been the industry standard. However, leading manufacturers within the adhesives and sealant industry are changing this! By collaborating closely with customers within the Vehicle Industry they are encouraging a shift in opinion and manufacturing process towards totally bonded constructions. Amongst the numerous benefits of bonded constructions are the aesthetics! Bonded vehicles are also proven to have improved durability, production speed and vastly reduced water ingress in the finished vehicle.

Not only are bonded vehicles physically lighter than their riveted counterparts. Bonding also allows OEMs to use lightweight materials and thinner extrusions to build their vehicles. This leads to significant cost savings both in manufacturing and long-term running costs. The finished products are also more durable, saving the manufacturer the need for expensive re-work and warranty claims.


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