3 reasons why automatic dispense is the way forward!


There are many reasons why you should switch to automatic dispense in your factory! We have picked out 3 of these for you…

1: Save Time

Make adhesive dispense a much smoother operation by using an automatic dispense system. Using high pressure pumps and hose systems mean a constant flow of adhesive to where you need it. No constant changing of cartridges and foils, adhesive is dispensed straight from the 200ltr drum straight through hoses to the point of use.

2: save money

As the old saying goes, time is money! However, time is not the only cost saving here! Many adhesive manufacturers offer significantly more competitive pricing for customers who purchase in drums. This will be mostly due to the packing procedures needed for the different types of packaging.




3: Save the environment!

Many manufacturers in the adhesives industry encourage their customers to use foil packs instead of cartridges as it has a huge impact on waste. One company in the transportation industry was able to cut their skip collection from weekly to fortnightly as a result of using foil packs instead of cartridges. A 200ltr drum of adhesive roughly equates to 300 foil packs, so imagine the waste savings there!

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